Sram Level Ultimate Brake Set, No Pads



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SRAM Disc Brake Level Ultimate black anodized | set
The revised version of the SRAM Level Ultimate has been improved in detail to provide even more reliable day-to-day consistent braking power. The sleek, lightweight design of the encoder was specially developed for cross country, marathon and light trail use and blends in perfectly with every cockpit. Thanks to the unique DirectLink technology, you have an incredibly direct braking feel with the Level Ultimate, which creates confidence and safety from the first meter. The newly designed, two-piece caliper offers in conjunction with the DOT 5.1 brake fluid an excellent heat management and helps you to keep a cool head even on the longest descent.
In the Ultimate version, the level brake was trimmed uncompromisingly by the SRAM engineers to low weight with maximum braking power. There is a carbon brake lever is used which rotates about a special bearing , so you always a perfect feeling when braking is taught. The hardware is made of titanium and also saves the last gram on your bike.
To assemble everything as cleanly as possible, the transmitter on the handlebar is compatible with Sram's proven Matchmaker system. This makes it possible to fit your brake, the gear lever or the remote control of your Reverb seat post on just one clamp. Thanks to the Bleeding Edge technology you have the brake in a short time and ventilated.
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