Tobias Lillelund

„Never give up“

Birth Date:




Education/ Profession:

I have ridden bikes since I finished high school and worked a bit of cleaning in the offseason.

Favorite race:

Nove Mesto

Sporting goals:

Race as fast as possible

Greatest successes:

4th in Mont Sainte Anne and euros, but I’m more proud that I still know how to play around on my bike

Strengths in the race:

My technical skills

Leasure time:

I like to a nice meal for myself, my family or my friends

Important in the team:

Be able to have fun when we are not on the bike


Hilly and flat with super nice trails in Denmark

What will you not miss in your Fridge:

Nothing, I love food

Your signature dish:

Lasagne all the way!

That drives you up the wall:


If I wasn’t a professional biker, I’d be working as a:

Probably in a restaurant, not for the rest of my life but I would love to try it!

Favorite Playlist:

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