Natalia Grzegorzewska

„No pain no game”

Birth Date:




Education/ Profession

High School- Advertising Technician

Favorite race:

My first World Championships in Les Gets

Sporting goals:

Go to Olympics

Greatest successes:

Medal at World Championships

Strengths in the race:

Technical down ride and sharp climbs

Leasure time

Time with family/friends and something I drow

Important in the team:

Help, support, good mood


Technical terrain
lot of rocks and roots

What will you not miss in your Fridge:

I love eating kabanos and I always have in fridge 🙂

Your signature dish:

I like making oatmeal and favourite spaghetti

That drives you up the wall:

A lot of stressful situations when I have to do many things in a short time and I want to do everything well

If I wasn’t a professional biker, I’d be working as a:

I think I would like to be
a PE teacher

Favorite Playlist:

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