Bikedays in the Ötztal

Also this year our popular Bikedays will take place in the beautiful Ötztal.

Against the backdrop of the breathtaking Ötztal Alps, we have planned an unforgettable training camp for you to experience exciting sporting moments with our coaches & athletes from:

28 - 30 April 2023


  • Participation in the Bike-Days
    in the Ötztal at our partner AREA 47
  • Welcome package with brand equipment from our team and our partners (e.g. water bottle, cap etc.)
  • Morning routine with our team
    (stretching | coordination)
  • joint cycling tour for every level with our athletes.
    We will discuss the route with you beforehand so that it is relaxed and doable for all participants. Learn from our pros how to move in the terrain or how to stand your first wheelie, for example. Ask us what you want to know.
    bikes can also be booked directly at AREA 47.
  • a performance diagnostic tailored to your needs
    with our head coach Sven Meyer. We show you not only what your current performance level is, but also where there is potential and how you can exploit it.
  • Bikefitting
    We optimize your seating position with our Head of Technic 
  • Questions to the coaches and professionals of TREK FUTURE RACING
    and a "look behind the scenes" at a cozy get-together
  • Access team resources
    in the areas of nutrition, resilience, recovery and stress monitoring, etc....
  • Accommodation and meals
    are not included in the price! We have already reserved rooms in the AREA 47. You can book them directly with the booking code "TREK FUTURE RACING" or you can organize another accommodation. 

We are looking forward to seeing you!

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