In 2021, we started as Team TREK | VAUDE with the goal of offering young talents from Germany and Austria a good development environment and to make a name for ourselves as a development team in the long term.

"In the first season in the cross-country World Cup, we wanted to get in first. Then everything turned out differently, and we stood at the top of the podium in all the World Cups, won two World Cup titles, two European Championship titles and three national championship titles. It all happened very quickly. Our goal was and is to bring young athletes to the top of the world, always taking into account the athletes' health."

The new team name says it all: TREK FUTURE RACING is the talent factory for TREK FACTORY RACING and is fully focused on the long-term development of young athletes from all over the world.

Our values: Sustainability and support

We are now implementing these in our new store - such as our sports bag!

With the purchase of this upcycling sports bag, you are actively supporting people with special needs.
The Liebenau Foundation and the associated sewing factory is a long-standing partner of ours.
Here, unique upcycled items are made from sewable leftover and waste materials .Last year our team tent and today your new sports bag.

Become a supporter and decide for yourself what you pay!
What is the support worth to you ?

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