Education Monday

Every month we offer our community a webinar in cooperation with our partners on topics such as: Training | Nutrition | Mental Strength | Media-Work | Health | Resilience ...

No. 10 - 22.07.2024

We are very happy to let you know that our next Education Monday is ready to kick off!


  • Why supplements?
  • How to get long lasting energy?
  • Better recovery

No. 9 - 10.06.2024

Preperation & Planning

  • How to race 😉
  • Race Preperation
  • Training Methods
  • Steps to Race Success

No. 8 - 01.04.2024

Mental Health

  • Perform under pressure
  • Stress management
  • Imagination

No. 7 - 26.02.2024


Recover like a champ!

  • How to use recovery tools?
  • Why even recover?
  • Active or passive recovery what's the deal?
    presented by Blackroll

No. 6 - 29.01.2024


Does Strength Training make you faster?!

  • How to train?
  • Why it prevents Injuries?
  • Does it really make you faster?
  • Why you should do it?

No. 5 - 27.11.2023

1) Concussion

  • Awareness
  • Signs
  • How to react and more
  • Q&A with our riders
  • Performed by TeachAids

2) Annual Plan

3) Riders Report  

No. 4 - 30.10.2023

Learn more from our headcoach Sven about

Basics on Proteins & Amino Acids

  • We will explain:
    - different types
    - their functions
    - when and how to use them
  • Plus insights from the team and our partner Winforce

No. 3 - 11.09.2023

Learn more from our headcoach Sven and the guys from @basefive_ about

  • Race Nutrition&
  • Brain Based Training
  • and chat with our riders

No. 2 - 24.07.2023

  • We give insides about the effects and handling of heat in training and racing.
  • Chris Blomfield Brown from CORE Sensors will report directly from research.
  • Sven Meyer has recommendations on what you should pay attention to, what happens in your body in the heat and gives tips and tricks for training and competition.
  • Basil Weber the Tech-Coach of our team introduces himself and gives you your first exercise task "Skill of the month".
  • Bernd Reutemann our team manager gives an overview about the current score


No.1 - 12.+19.06.2023

  • Principles | Organization | Reward System
  • Schedule next 3 month
  • Structured race analysis (content - purpose - questionnaire)
  • Q&A

"How to become a pro" First Meeting - 07.06.2023

Our first meeting "How to become a pro" was a great success. You can watch the event again on Youtube and register for our talent scouting community using the form below.

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