Trek Talent Camp

We look back - Europe's biggest talent camp in 2024


25th – 28th April 2024:
4-day Bike-Camp at our homebase AREA47 in Ötztal / Austria. They were exciting days with our talents, teamriders and coaches | performance test | skill-training | fun on the trails and on the pumptrack and a lot of insights of Trek Future Racing.

THANKS to our Partners - they will cover the majority of the costs for accommodation, full board, program, Coaches, Performance Test, Training-Sessions etc..


It was a really great time at the Talent Camp. I met so many cool and awesome people and had great talks with them. I learned new skills, which helped me very much, and I had fun all day. The new contacts and amazing time will definitely stay in my memories. The group rides with the girls were nice too. My Highlight was the Jump-Line in the Indoor Bikepark, where I could improve my jumping skills. Thanks to Moni and Basel for the help. The talk with the Pros was also very interesting and informative, and I was able to get insights in the motivation and rituals of a pro-cyclist.
I will miss the time and the people and hope to see you all again soon. Thanks to Trek Future Racing for making this possible. See you soon. Aanastasia


„I had a great few days in the Area 47 with all the other participants and the whole TFR-team. I learnt a lot from the staff/riders and also made a lot  of new friends from all over Europe. If I get the chance to come back next year I will surely be there to learn even more“
My favourite picture: Heading out for our first ride and already getting to talk with Björn.


The Talent Camp was an incredible experience. I met many nice people and was able to exchange my knowledge, not only about cycling, but also about different countries the other Riders come from. The group rides with the Pros were totally awesome and I could earn more experience and tips, especially in technical sections. My highlight was the „Free-Fall“, a very steep section with stones and roots, which I was able to ride with the help of Basil, Mandy and Moni.

I also made lots of memories in the Bikepark. I learned to jump properly and gained more speed on the pumptrack. The tech-session and education-sessions after riding were made with much effort and brought a balance to the training on bike.

I’ll definitely miss the good vibes, informative presentations and late-night-talks with the group =-) . I hope to see you all again, hopefully at the same, amazing location, the Area47.
See you soon. Melissa


Thank you so much for letting me join you in Austria. I really enjoyed it. I learnt so much and made so many new friends, when I’m at races now it’s great that I know so many more people and feel more part of the bigger community. I loved the variety of things we did on the camp in such an amazing place. 
My favourite part was to ride with some the of the best riders in the world from the team, I felt really inspired by them. I wish I was still in Austria it was so much better than being in school.
Thank you for giving your time and putting this on and I really hope you can make it to the UK next year I would love to join you again. Rupert 


When I won the Wildcard for the Camp in an Instagram Giveaway, I felt so much joy for the camp. But on the other side I was a bit scared how, it would be, because of all the english talking. Also I thought about the case that I am the worst rider in the group and what would be if all the others already know each other and I wont get a connection to anyone.
My fear that I wont know anyone fade away when I got into the WhatsApp group and saw that there are also friends of mine what let me feel save.
At this point my fear turned into excitement and so I went to Austria together with them. At the Area 47 we all were just overwhelmed about the area and also the landscape around.
Since it started it was a time full of new learnings, much fun, new friends, nice talks, good food and all this in a beautiful place. ..
To conclude it was an unforgettable weekend wich pushed me in all kind of ways and lifted my motivation and fun on the bike up to another level.
I’ll always remember these days. Yours Anja

Previous Talent Camps

1st Girls Camp

powered by SRAM / Rockshox

3 Days
12 Girls
3 Disciplines (XCO/XCM/CX)
Age 14-17

Skills Training with Tracy Mosely
Training with the Team
Tech Training SRAM

1st Talent Camp Central Europe

powered by AREA47 | Ötztal

3 Days
14 Participants
6 Countries
3Disciplines (XCO/XCM/CX)
Age 14-18

Performance Tests
Skills Training
Training with the Team
Lot of fun
Team Insights

1. talent scouting

Trek Store Fürth

2 Days
58 Participants
5 Countries
4 Disciplines (XCO/XCM/CX/Road)
Age 14-19

Performance tests
Training recommendations

Voices - we were there

Emma Gasthauer

"Hello, my name is Emma Gasthauer (@racing.emma), I'm 15 years old, an avid mountain biker and racer, and I've been part of the Trek Future Racing Team's talent scouting program since November. It all started with a performance diagnostic on site in Fürth at the Trek Store, to which I was invited. Since then, webinars on topics such as regeneration, nutrition, training theory, etc. have followed regularly. I think it's especially great that we get insights into the training world of the pros and that we get tips and advice on many things that we also encounter in training. As a young athlete, I think the idea of talent scouting is great, especially if it can lead to sustainable support. I am very excited about the further cooperation with the Trek Future Racing Team and look forward with anticipation to the upcoming 2023 season! Let's race!"


Julian Buchbauer

"Dear TREK family,
I had the great opportunity to prove my performance with you in Fürth/Germany in the middle of November and now I belong to your family with great pride.
In the last weeks I was able to strengthen my knowledge in many areas at some interesting and informative webinars, which I am currently implementing in my trainings.
I am convinced that the culture, the spirit and this togetherness that our Trek family lives will contribute to the success in my upcoming season.

Ride Bikes. Have Fun. Feel Good. 😉"

Sarah Pfefferle

"I am very grateful to be able to participate in talent scouting. Especially the insights into the team and the drivers, coaches, as well as all other organizers please me very much and I can learn mega much. The meetings and trainings are very informative and exciting, which I like very much. I have already been able to take away so much and apply it to my everyday life. We also learn a lot about the important things that are part of a successful season, which I didn't know before. I also really like the sustainable aspect. I'm really looking forward to the upcoming time and I'm very motivated! :)"


Tobias Kunzmann

"Ride bikes. Have fun. Feel good."

"This motto is lived and passed on to us at Trek Future Racing. That's why I'm proud to have been part of the Trek Future Racing talent scouting program for some time now. Through direct contact with team members, coaches, but also with team boss Bernd, we already gained valuable insights into the cycling world. My expectations in terms of care and support were far exceeded and I feel very well taken care of.

I'm looking forward to seeing the team again at the Ötztal Bike Days and finally getting on the bike together after the numerous webinars. 😊"



Jacob Bunte

"...Personally, I particularly like the fact that the team is like a big family and that they don't just focus on training values and performance, but also on interpersonal skills.
In addition, you can see in the meetings how strong the cohesion is within the team.
Regardless of whether it's Stuff, the team manager, the coach or the physiotherapist, everyone is appreciated for their work.
For me, Talent Scouting is a huge opportunity and a big step in the right direction. It shows me that my training is paying off.
I hope things continue to go this well and I get the opportunity to take another step forward."

Elena Toth

"My name is Elena Toth and I am 14 years old. Ever since I can remember, cycling and mountain biking have played a big role in my life. That's why I think it's so great that Trek Future Racing Team gives young people the opportunity to improve their skills. When I got a place at the talent scouting in Fürth at the last minute at the end of November, it was a special moment for me. I received a very friendly welcome from Bernd and the team and took the test. This was followed by invitations to webinars, which were very inspiring and motivated me. I learned a lot in the process. I simply enjoy exchanging ideas with people who have already had so many experiences in their lives. In a nutshell: I think it's great what you have put together and I hope that we will experience many more exciting things. I'm looking forward to getting to know the team better at the Ötztal Bike Festival. 

Love your Elly"

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