The TREK | VAUDE team will train young talents in the future as TREK FUTURE RACING

It was almost exactly 2 years ago when Team TREK | VAUDE made its presence felt in the Olympic cross country discipline (XCO). Since then, the team has made a name for itself as a "talent factory". 

No one expected this success story at the beginning, not even team manager Bernd Reutemann. "We wanted to get in first in our first XCO season. Then everything turned out differently, we won all the U23 World Cups with our team, 2 World Cup titles, 2 European Championship titles, as well as 3 national championship titles. It all happened very quickly. Our goal was and is to bring young talents to the top of the world, taking into account the athlete:s health. We will come a lot closer to this goal from 2023 onwards."

The new team name will be the program: TREK FUTURE RACING will be the talent factory for TREK FACTORY RACING and will fully focus on the training of talents from all over the world. 

However, an important partner of the past years will be missing. VAUDE will not continue its commitment to the team and will align it differently. 

"I personally regret very much that we cannot take the next step together, so I am all the more grateful for the great support our team has received from VAUDE," said Reutemann. 

"After two years full of shared experiences, spectacular victories of the athletes and a great cooperation, a new chapter is now opened, which we will no longer accompany for strategic reasons. We say thank you for the great time, wish the team much success and keep our fingers crossed", says Leo Jelko (VAUDE Sponsoring Manager).

Thanks to a number of new partners, TREK FUTURE RACING will become even more professional than before and expand its development concept.
The coaching team will be complemented by Dr. Jürgen Grunwald, who will be responsible for the areas of nutrition and athlete health as team physician. Sven Meyer (former BRD national coach track/endurance) will take over the position of performance coach. The support team consists of 10 people and forms the basis for an optimal support for the young athletes. 

The squad will be more international. All U23 athletes of the 2022 season will remain in the team. 


  • Luisa Daubermann Yr. 2002 (Germany) Vice World Champion XCO Juniors 2020
  • Tamara Wiedmann Yr. 2001 (Austria) Runner-up Austria XCO 2022
  • Nils Aebersold Yr. 2003 (Switzerland) 3rd place World Championship XCO Juniors 2021
  • Mario Bair Yr. 2001 (Austria) Runner-up Austria XCO U23 2022
  • Bjorn Riley Yr. 2002 (USA) US Champion XCO U23 2022 

In addition, there are three young talents: 

  • Lea Huber Yr. 2004 (Switzerland) Vice World Champion XCO Juniors 2022
  • Tobias Lillelund Yr. 2002 (Denmark) Runner-up Denmark XCO 2022
  • Emilly Johnston Yr. 2002 (Canada) Canadian Champion XCO U23 2021

The team's concept is that in the first U23 year, as with Lea Huber, the focus is on school or training and the young talents are slowly introduced to life in a professional team.

 TREK FUTURE RACING focuses on finding and training young talent. Back in November, the team launched TREK Talent Scouting in collaboration with TREK as part of a pilot project in Germany. More than 200 young talents had applied for this young talent program within 7 days. 

 "With TREK FUTURE RACING, we want to close the gap between locally supported athletes and TREK FACTORY RACING. In addition, through our Talent Scouting program, we want to provide a broad base of talent with a possible springboard for their further development. We are looking forward to the future," said TREK's Sports Marketing Director Tim Vanderjeugd. 

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