Emilly Johnston

"Just send it"

Birth Date:




Education/ Profession

Cyclist! Partway through economics degree

Favorite race:

Nove Mesto world cup
or Brazil

Sporting goals:

Olympic athlete and World Champion

Greatest successes:

Nove Mesto 3rd last season, 4th at world champs. Completing an Everest challenge

Strengths in the race:

 Technical Climbs and Descents

Leasure time:

Baking, records, fishing, and reading! Skiing too but that's not super leisure...

Important in the team:

Hard work and friendship


Everything thats not flat

What will you not miss in your Fridge


Your signature dish

Cinnamon rolls

That drives you up the wall?

having warm hands and feet

If I wasn't a professional biker, I'd be working as a...


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