Trek looks for tomorrow's talent with global talent scouting program

Sustainable talent development and equality have been on Trek's sponsorship agenda for several years. In the coming years, this commitment will be further expanded through a unique global talent scouting program.
In late 2022, Trek launched the Trek Future Racing U23 team and installed it as Trek Factory Racing's official junior XCO team. Almost as a follow-up, the US family-owned company introduced a talent scouting program. The goal of this program is to responsibly help young talents on their way to successful careers without overburdening them. Trek takes a holistic approach, similar to that of Trek Future Racing. It's no surprise, then, that the bike manufacturer draws on proven expertise.
"Experience shows that athletes often train with too high intensities and strive for great success too quickly at a young age. Through our project and the broad orientation, we have the opportunity to work here in the sense of athlete health and take pressure. It is important to us that, despite all the performance orientation, the fun of biking is in the foreground," says Bernd Reutemann, team manager of Trek Future Racing.

Trek's plans for 2023 include stops in Denmark, the Netherlands, the UK, Spain, Italy and the U.S. - with the goal of being able to support more than 1,000 enthusiastic young cyclists by the end of the year.

In order for talent scouting to be realized on such a scale, TREK uses state-of-the-art analysis tools with the help of TRAINALYZED and Moxy.
The Moxy sensor offers the unique opportunity to perform non-invasive, valid performance diagnostics. The oxygen saturation in the limiting muscle is measured via a sensor and the performance level and potential of the test person is determined via a test protocol. The analysis tools required for this come from TRAINALYZED. The company has been using modern near-infrared spectroscopy since 2017 and has gained extensive experience accordingly.
The benefits of Trek talent scouting:

  • Access to team know-how
  • Participation in monthly, team-internal trainings
  • attractive special conditions from participating partners (Trek, Winforce, Wahoo, Antidot, etc.)
  • Participation in training camps
  • Virtual training rides, races on Wahoo RGT
  • A direct contact with Trek Future Racing
  • Possibility of training supervision by TRAINALYZED
  • Chance to receive support from Trek Network or place on Team TREK Future Racing.


Learn more about Trek talent scouting:

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