3 x Top 10 in continuous rain and cold snap in Andorra as well as first experiences at the Tour of Germany

Björn Riley 5 | Emilly Johnston 6 | Tobias Lillelund 7
a strong team result shows the good development work at
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A World Cup in August in Andorra - we had thought a lot about dealing with heat in advance. In the end, it was freezing cold and continuous rain that got to the athletes.

The short track race on Thursday already showed which drivers were best able to cope with the unusual conditions. In the sprint race over 20 minutes, our riders took consistently good positions and thus secured the coveted places in the front rows of the starting grid.

At 6 degrees and at the beginning only light rain, it went for the more than 100 young riders at the World Cup in Andorra on 2000 meters and thus in thin air to the start.

Björn Riley and Tobias Lillelund started strong, could position themselves in the leading group and proved their technical talent on the slippery track. Mario Bair did not cope so well with the icy temperatures and altitude and unfortunately could not quite match the great performances of the last weeks.

After more than an hour of high performance in cold and thin air, Björn Riley finished in 5th place, Tobias Lillelund in 7th and Mario Bair in 20th.

The U23 women started at an unusual time. The conditions worsened in the course of the women's race and so they had to endure the freezing rain for the entire race time. At the start, newly crowned Canadian Champion Emilly Johnston lost some ground and found herself in 20th place after the first lap. With best times in lap 2 and 3, the young talent already pushed her way back into the top 10 and in the end she crossed the finish line in 6th place. Emilly missed the podium by just a few seconds. Tamara Wiedmann, fared somewhat similarly to Mario Bair, she coped less well with altitude and cold. In the end she finished in 26th place.
Voices of the drivers
Bjorn Riley

"I had a really good start. I came out of the first corner in second place - then I dropped back to 7th. On the second climb, I fought my way up to 5th. I kept trying to get to 4th place, but unfortunately didn't make it."

Mario Bair

"I already felt in the previous days and in the warm-up that it was going to be a tough day. Couldn't really go to the limit and couldn't recover in the downhills. Even if I hadn't had the cold, it would have been difficult to match the previous performances! In the altitude I unfortunately had problems to reach my wattages, but I fought until the end and could still place myself in the top 20. Certainly not satisfactory, but that's the reality."

Emilly Johnston

"I started a little too cautiously, was then in a very unfavorable position and lost a lot of time in the first descents here, which in the end I lacked for the podium. I pushed the whole race and I am very satisfied. Unfortunately, the cold really got to me in the last lap and my legs didn't really want to go."

Nils Aebersold was given the opportunity by Team Lidl-Trek to gain experience in a stage race on the road at the Tour of Germany. He showed that he did not receive the offer from the international racing team without reason. In his first race he was able to prove himself in the peleton, successfully finish the tour and draw positive attention to himself.

"The fact that Nils received a contract with the Worldtourteam Lidl-Trek is also for our team a great success and possibly the beginning of a close cooperation in the area of development of young talents" said Sven Meyer, performance coach and former national coach at BDR.

"At the 6th International Competition we again have several athletes in the top 10. The continuity of the results shows that we have found a good way in training and promoting the athletes. We consistently focus on a long-term and sustainable development of the young athletes and are sure that this pays off and is already attracting a lot of attention," said team manager Bernd Reutemann.
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