Talent Camp in Haiming a complete success

15 athletes from 6 countries
were represented at the Trek Talent Days 2023
at our partners AREA47 and the Ötztal Valley

The talents, who were selected from 50 applicants, spent 3 days at the team's home base. In addition to rides with the team riders, the program also included a performance test and technical training, and of course jump training and lots of fun in the new bike hall.

Already on Friday after the arrival we went on the trails around Haiming and Björn and Tami had prepared an interesting "adventure tour". Done and happy the athletes came back in the late afternoon before the daily "Education Session" started.

Fun in the bike hall - powering out in the performance test and learning from the pros - that's how Saturday was filled with program. Everyone was eager to see the results of the performance tests, which were conducted in cooperation with TRAINALYZED | Moxy and Wahoo. Sven Meyer, head coach of the team, explained the results to the athletes in individual discussions and gave them concrete training recommendations along the way.

Early on Sunday, the first young guns were already in front of the bike hall and wanted to practice jumping technique and master the pump track even faster. In different groups and adapted to the respective performance level, the athletes were guided by the technique coaches.

A big thank you at this point to the AREA47 and the Ötztal for the great support - without which this event would not have been possible.

Before leaving happily, the participants presented small gifts to the AREA47 staff and thanked them for the great days - also an important part of the training at Trek Future Racing - "appreciation and gratitude".

"They were exhausting but super great days in the AREA47 and also a successful test for the Talent Days planned for next year. The beaming in the faces of the young talents and the positive energy is what drives me.
And my athletes have learned in the meantime that such days help them to be successful in the long term. They get a lot of positive feedback when they are involved in the community and this boosts self-esteem without the need for a race result 😉. ... Sustainability and Performance...." Bernd Reutemann

Trek Future Racing invests in the future

P.S. Currently, almost 600 bike athletes from 60 countries are active in the community and regularly participate in webinars, online trainings and events. The goal is to support many young athletes on their way. The team is currently investing in setting up a "talent development concept" that accompanies and maps the entire "development process". For this purpose, a software application will be developed by April 2024, which will be made available to the talents. In addition to sport-specific data, the entire education program will also be mapped here, as well as useful applications for stress recovery monitoring, race analysis, nutrition, training control, etc..

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