3 x Top 10 at the World Championships in Glasgow

Emilly Johnston just misses podium
Tobias Lillelund takes bronze with Denmark in Team Relay
The major cycling event in Glasgow was also for our athletes the race they had been working towards and it showed that the coaches and athletes had done an excellent job. 
Already on Thursday Tamara Wiedmann, Emilly Johnston, Mario Bair and Tobias Lillelund started in the Team Relay - here 6 athletes (m/f) from each of the different categories (Junior-U23-Elite) compete as a team. With the podium finish, Tobias earned the first World Championship medal for Trek Future Racing. Emilly Johnston finished 4th with Canada, just one second behind.
On Saturday, in the best conditions, it was off to the world championship course in Glentress Forest, Scotland. On a technically demanding course, steep root passages alternated with spectacular jumps. The U23 men opened the race day - with Mario Bair, Tobias Lillelund and Bjorn Riley the team was best represented. As expected, Tobias Lillelund made a perfect start and was able to place himself in the leading group together with Bjorn Riley. Mario Bair was positioned on 26th place after the first lap and started an incredible catch-up race from there and finished on 8th place. Bjorn Riley had to pay tribute to his cold, which he had caught after the Nationals in the USA, and finished the race in 23rd place. After Tobias Lillelund already convinced with 4th place at the European Championships, he was able to repeat this at the World Championships and confirmed his positive trend with 7th place at the World Championships.
The U23 women's race was just as nerve-wracking as the boys' race. Emilly Johnston had a mixed start, was in 12th place after 2 laps and pushed forward lap by lap. In the end she was happy with 4th place and only a few seconds separated her from the podium. This was a huge success for Emilly and her joy was correspondingly great. Tamara Wiedmann drove a great race and finished 18th. She is one of the top 20 riders in the world in the U23 class. She has shown this several times this year and accordingly her smile at the finish was beautiful to see. Once again it shows that it is not the result that is decisive, but the satisfaction with one's own performance.
Individual results at a glance:


Tobias Lillelund: 7

Mario Bair: 8

Bjorn Riley: 23

Emilly Johnston: 4

Tamara Wiedmann: 18

Voices of the drivers:
Mario Bair

"8th place at the season highlight at the World Championships in Glasgow! Everyone is working towards this day and I'm just happy that I was able to deliver my maximum performance on day X. I was able to run a clean race until the end on a very challenging and WOC worthy course. I managed a clean race to the end on a very challenging and World Championship worthy course. For me the medals were out of the question in advance, you just have to stay realistic and knowing my body I set the top10 as my goal! If someone had offered me 8th place in advance, I would have accepted it with thanks."

Emilly Johnston

"Started around p 12 and consistently passed the whole way! Consistently rode my pace and pushed to ride my best day. Was really happy with how I stayed motivated and didn't get stuck in a group."

Tamara Wiedmann

"I found my flow from start to finish...I'm glad I had a good race for me personally...I gave it my all and I'm proud of that."

"3 x top 10 and all riders in the top 20 in the world - so the most successful team in the U23 classification. Emilly was still 24th in the world championship last year and 9 minutes behind the winner. This year 4th place and 1:54 behind the world champion. Tobias Lillelund finished 22nd in 2022 and now 7th, Mario Bair and Tamara Wiedmann rode their best World Cup result. I am very proud of the athletes and the entire support staff, who make these successes possible" said Bernd Reutemann in an interview in Glasgow.
Also from the area of our talent community there is success to report from 15.09. to 17.09. the first Trek Talent Days will take place. Thanks to the support of AREA47 and Ötztal Tourism, we can invite 12 young talents from our community to a 3-day training camp. In addition to joint training sessions with our team riders, performance tests and theory lessons on the subject of training, regeneration and health, the fun in the new indoor bike hall of the AREA47 will not be neglected.
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