First race - first victory TREK FUTURE RACING wins the Mediterranean Epic in Spain

Luisa dominates the stage race in Spain and secures the overall victory with 3 stage wins. Emilly finishes 2 times on the podium in her first marathon race.

"We were just going to train...., but then we realized there was more to it than just going along for the ride."

"This was the first marathon stagerace in my life and I had a lot of respect for the up to 104 km long stages and a race time of more than 5 hours. I specialize in cross-country races and there the race is over after 1:20 h. I had to ride for a long time. So in this stage race I did 11 races in 4 days...", said our winner Luisa.

The team was in a training camp in Spain and wanted to use the race as a "preload" for the soon to start cross country season.

But not only Luisa surprised the long distance specialists. Emilly, who is new in the team, as well as Tamara convinced with consistently good performances. On the 2nd and 4th stage Emilly Johnston could reach a podium place and Tamara Wiedmann placed herself under the top 10 at all stages.

Mario and Tobias, who competed in their first race for the team, also did very well in the field of the world elite and earned a lot of respect. With placements in the top 20 at a meeting of the world's elite, not only the athletes but also the head coach were more than satisfied.

"The athletes have already completed a very effective training week before the race and we have prepared them optimally for the unfamiliar loads. The nervousness was clearly noticeable, but in the end all athletes were happy about the performance, new experiences and knowledge," said our head coach Sven Meyer.

(Editor's note - Sven Meyer is also the coach of Franziska Brause, who became world champion a few weeks ago and also European champion in the single pursuit on the track at the weekend).

"We went to Spain to work on important development topics with the athletes. In addition to the classic training, the main focus was on helping each other to be successful, dealing with the unknown and unexpected situations (antifragility), as well as being proud of the performance achieved and this regardless of the result.
I'm damn proud of the troops and how they worked for each other," says our team manager Bernd Reutemann.

At the end of the biggest stage race in Europe, the team surprised not only the competition but also the organizers at its first appearance. The organizers were so enthusiastic about the young team that they made a "victory party on the podium for the team performance" possible at the end.

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