Podium at the final World Cup in Canada for Trek Future Racing

Bjorn Riley climbs on the podium at the final World Cup in Canada,
Tobias Lillelund with year's best performance on 4th place,
Tamara Wiedmann shows her class again in her last U23 race
and rides in the top10

Bjorn Riley 3 | Tobias Lillelund 4 | Tamara Wiedmann 10 | Emilly Johnston 11 | Mario Bair 26 - with a podium finish and consistent top performances throughout the year, the team says goodbye to the well-deserved winter break.

In extremely difficult conditions with continuous rain and extremely slippery track, the athletes once again showed their skills.

The starting grid in the short track race was already fixed on Thursday. Bjorn Riley secured a place in pole position here. All other drivers of the team from Lake Constance were represented in starting row 2.

Bjorn Riley and Tobias Lillelund started very strong and especially Tobias was happy about the "Danish" conditions with rain and lots and lots of mud. Together with his teammate Bjorn Riley he was able to position himself in the leading group after a perfect start. Despite a short pit stop, Tobias was overjoyed to finish in 4th place. Already before him Bjorn Riley secured after a courageous race the coveted podium place at the World Cup with rank 3. Mario Bair had to fight with rain and cold and finished at the end on rank 26.

With great anticipation, reigning Canadian champion Emilly Johnston traveled to her home World Cup and then what every athlete fears happened. You wake up in the morning with a runny nose and a scratchy throat - not a big deal in normal life - but a "game-changer" in competitive racing. Despite these limitations, Emilly rode a great race in front of her home crowd and finished in 11th place.

Tamara Wiedmann secured 10th place in her last U23 race, was able to recommend herself once again for the elite class and is thus one of the top riders.

"The first year as Trek Future Racing is coming to an end - a year with a lot of development work, some surprises and great results. The season review is very positive for me and I am already very much looking forward to next year when we will bring together some new talents from all over the world in our team. In December we are already going on again and for the first time we will have a training camp with the stars of Lidl-Trek. A big THANK YOU to my crew, who with a lot of passion are shaping Trek Future Racing into a globally successful junior team". reports team manager Bernd Reutemann.

"It gives me a lot of pleasure to work with the young talents and support them on their way, I see the progress and am fascinated by the dedication with which the young athletes pursue their dream. I am especially pleased that we are not forced to deliver short-term results, but are given time to take a holistic approach to athlete training." Sven Meyer - Head Coach.

Voices of the drivers

Tobias Lillelund

I had a great start, felt very comfortable and was able to stay in the leading group. In the middle of the race I was briefly not attentive enough and lost some places - which meant I was in the yo-yo effect, had to close some "holes" and that was tough. I am super, super happy with my 4th place. Many thanks to the whole team and especially to Dennis Schelkle, who always provides me with a top bike.

Emilly Johnston

First time at home World Cup as Canadian Champion and I am super happy how I skied. I lost some places after good first laps. The course was super "tricky" but that suits me. Only 12 months ago I could not imagine to ride such a season with a podium in the World Cup and at the end place 8 in the UCI World Cup overall ranking.

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